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My new book Beyond the North Wind has recently been published by Weiser Books in the USA. See my non-fiction books for further details

Important new book

I have just finished reading what I think is one of the most important books of the year by one of the most thought-provoking thinkers of the present age, namely My Years of Magical Thinking by Lionel Snell (published by The Mouse that Spins). Lionel, better known under his pen name of Ramsey Dukes, has written a series of books on what he calls “magical thinking”, beginning in the 1970s with a book that has since become a cult classic in the esoteric scene, SSOTBME: An Essay on Magic, and continuing with titles like The Little Book of Demons, How to See Fairies, Words Made Flesh, The Good, the Bad, the Funny, and Thundersqueak. In this book he sums up and reflects searchingly on the whole magical world view that he has developed over the past four decades or so. The core of it is his perception that there are four cultures or modes of thinking and operating in the world –science, religion, art and magic – and that these interact in complex ways, so that often we imagine we are thinking scientifically, religiously or artistically when in fact we are thinking magically. Like all of Lionel’s books, this one will leave you perceiving the world differently.

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The Kindle version of my thriller The Lebensborn Spy is on special offer on Amazon until December 13 in the US and UK. The US price is down from $3.55 to $0.99 and the UK price from £2.37 to £0.99.

There’s an exciting interview with me about the book, conducted by Shane Whaley on

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